crossed Elastics instructions ballet shoes

R.A.D Ballet Grade 1 – 6 Students ONLY

As you are aware your child’s R.A.D Ballet exam and rehearsal are rapidly approaching. Your child has now progressed into a grade where they need to make the transition to ‘crossed elastics’ on their ballet shoes. Traditionally this is a big moment for a ballet student as it is the progression to becoming a ‘proper ballerina.’ Any student in Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Ballet will require crossed elastics for their exam rehearsal as well as their examination. Typically this transition would have been known as ‘ballet ribbons’ however after many years of children struggling to tie and untie ribbons, and having ribbons fall out while the child is dancing and consequently losing marks, Miss Alanna has come up with an invention called ‘crossed elastics’ that has been working successfully for years. The students will be able to slide their shoes on and o like normal ballet shoes however it looks exactly like traditional ballet ribbons.

Please read through the instructions in detail as there are often important notes about placement, tension and colour that will make a huge dierence to the success of the crossed elastics. If you sew it incorrectly you will have to sew it again as mistakes will not be accepted in the children’s exams – so take your time, refer to the pictures and if you are unsure at anytime lightly tack the pieces into place and come see Miss Alanna.

View Crossed Elastics Instructions HERE

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