Students at Dance Desires are offered the opportunity to participate in R.A.D Ballet, S.F.D Tap and S.F.D Jazz examinations each year. Dance Desires firmly believes that exams should be a positive experience. Designed as a measure of progress, exams are a wonderful tool for motivating and focusing students, giving them a chance to demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of syllabus work. Both R.A.D and S.F.D syllabi are progressive in nature, continuing to challenge and stimulate children into becoming intuitive, technical and passionate dancers. Exams take place annually at the Dance Desires Studio and commence at a Pre-Primary level. Due to the increased content in Grade 1 Ballet and above, only those students undertaking two ballet classes a week will be able to participate in exams. Confidence is key to a stress-free experience, and Dance Desires wishes for each child to feel fully prepared and competent in their work!

Proposed Examination dates 2016:

R.A.D Ballet Examinations: Monday 1st - Monday 8th August

S.F.D Tap & Jazz Examinations: Monday 1st - Sunday 7th August