• Ballet Classes South East Melbourne


    The ballet syllabus taught at Dance Desires is the internationally recognised R.A.D syllabus. Recently updated, the syllabus takes a modern Read More
  • Character Dance Classes Melbourne


    Character dance, also known as Folk or National dance, is taught as part of the R.A.D Ballet syllabus. The steps Read More
  • Pointe requirers tremendous strength of the legs and feet


    Dancing on pointe is a major goal in a ballerina's dance life, requiring tremendous strength of the legs and feet, Read More
  • Jazz Dance Classes


    Designed to get every body in the room moving, energy packed Jazz classes are set to the latest modern music. Read More
  • Tap Dancing South East Melbourne


    Our Tap classes are lively and musical, transforming our dancers into musicians by using the small metal plates on the Read More
  • Extremely popular contemporary dance

    Contemporary / Lyrical

    Over the past five years, Contemporary dance has been thrust back into the spotlight and has become an extremely popular Read More
  • Hip Hop Dance Classes

    Hip Hop

    Hip-Hop is a street-based style of dance developed in America. Urban in feel, students pop, lock and break in this Read More
  • Acro Dance Classes Carnegie


    In each Acro class at Dance Desires we focus on students’ tumbling skills, core stability, strength, technique and flexibility. The Read More
  • Introducing 2 - 3 year olds to the world of dance

    Kinder Dance 1 (2-3 year olds)

    Kinder Dance 1 is a fun introduction to the world of dance. This class encourages students to explore their imagination Read More
  • Kinder Dance

    Kinder Dance 2 (4-5 year olds)

    Kinder Dance 2 is a 45 minute combination class that introduces children to basic Ballet, Tap and Jazz techniques. Emphasis Read More
  • Pre-Primary Combination Class includes Ballet, Tap and  Jazz

    Pre-Primary Combination (Prep Students)

    The Pre-Primary Combination class is an hour in duration and includes Ballet, Tap and Jazz styles and techniques. The recently Read More
  • Primary Children Dance Classes

    Primary Combination (6-7 year olds)

    Primary is a 90 minute combination class that teaches Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Primary Ballet focuses on enhancing and refining Read More
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